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Truck Racks

Do you need a truck rack to help you haul steel, ladders, lumber, kayaks or other long items on your truck? How about a headache rack to protect the back window of your pickup truck? Fortuna Iron’s racks are just the answer to your problem!

We custom make each of our top quality racks from either steel or aluminum to fit your truck and your lifestyle. We can accommodate camper shells as well. Fortuna Iron can fabricate and install your rack right here in our shop, or ship it to your location.

Each rack is designed for rugged strength and durability. Your custom rack from Fortuna Iron will be around for a long, long time. Bring your truck on down to Fortuna Iron, and ask Chuck for a free estimate. He’ll help design just what you need to get the job done right!

Call Fortuna Iron today for a free estimate.


If your quad trailer or utility trailer is in need of repairs or modifications, look no further than Fortuna Iron! Come on by today and let us help you make your hauling projects easier and stress-free.

Fortuna Iron, the best in custom welding and steel fabrication.

Repairs and Modifications

Boats, motorhomes and houseboats

When your fishing boat springs a leak; your houseboat/patio boat needs an upgrade or repairs; your motorhome needs a little TLC, come see the folks at Fortuna Iron. We know that your leisure time is important to you, and will do our best to get you out having fun again in the shortest time possible.

At Fortuna Iron, we have welders that specialize in aluminum welding and we will fix that leaky boat for you in no time. Bring your boat on by today, and let us have a look at it. We’ll patch up your problem spots and get you back on the water doing what you love most.

If your motorhome is limping along, and you need some repairs done on the hitch or frame, roll on into Fortuna Iron so we can help you get back on the road again.

Your houseboat is your escape from the world, and you want the peace of mind knowing that it’s going to stay that way. As one of the few businesses in the area that does repairs and modifications to houseboats, Fortuna Iron is the place to call. We can repair or replace your pontoons; add a spiral staircase to the upper level; add railings to or extend your deck, or even set you up with a new hydraulic one. The possibilities are endless!

Fortuna Iron, the best in custom welding and steel fabrication.